Backpacks 4 Kids AZ, Inc  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged children living in Arizona with backpacks full of supplies.

Kaitlyn Martinez, just 11 years old, created Backpacks 4 Kids AZ in 2015, when one of her friends failed a writing assignment because she did not have pencils and paper at home and was too embarrassed to tell the teacher

We have two programs:

Love Bundles:

Backpacks 4 Kids AZ provides "Love Bundles" to children who have been displaced due to neglect, abuse, abandonment. They give these bags to shelters, county offices, resource centers, foster parent agency's, police stations and schools. Bags may also go to families with very limited resources. Through donations, Backpacks 4 Kids Az is able to support the mental wellbeing and comfort of children during a stressful time in their lives.
School Backpacks:
Backpacks 4 Kids AZ provides backpacks filled with school supplies to disadvantaged children.

Many low income families are already struggling and unfortunately cannot afford to buy the school supplies their children need.​

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1720 E 8th Ave # 2, Mesa, AZ 85204